Need Self Discipline & Faith to defeat Virus

Practical self disciplines to come over Covid-19

We are all now facing great challenges and uncertainties due to Covid-19 and current situation in India especially Second wave of the Virus is causing more harm to health of the beings than earlier. In these times we all should hold our nerves and should not get panic due to unfounded fear, depend upon God and calmly try to find the best means to solve the problem.

The following are the best practical advises given by Swami Chetanananda, must be followed get immense benefit and free from all kinds of fears:

Human beings live in three planes: physical, intellectual and spiritual. So under such circumstances here are some positive and practical suggestions. Please note that each of you will need to consider which suggestions are applicable for your particular circumstances.

  1. Think that you have 2 months’ vacation and have decided to go to a lovely, meditative place, or to go to Uttarkashi or Rishikesh in the Himalayas to practice austerity in a cave. This kind of thought will take away the homebound feeling.
  2. As you are at home all 24 hours, make a routine: One hour japa and meditation and study before breakfast, lunch, and supper. Morning study: one chapter of the Gita, noon study: a lecture of Vivekananda’s Jnana Yoga, and evening study: Gospel of Ramakrishna. These three hours will keep you in the spiritual plane. If you wish, devote more time. This will help develop faith and a close relationship with our Ishta (Chosen Deity), which will make us strong and free from anxiety.
  3. Work 6 hours a day: personal business, homework, cleaning, cooking, and so on. Engage yourself with a project and do something constructive.
  4. While cooking and cleaning, listen to some bhajans, or music, or listen to some lectures of the swamis from YouTube. Always keep your mind engaged with something.
  5. Help others, if you can, but from a distance (6 feet).
  6. Exercise is very important: Do what you can at home or outdoors; do some yoga asanas in the morning before meditation; or do some freeform exercise in the morning and in the afternoon walk for an hour.
  7. Those who have a reading habit, please take a Vedanta book and read thoroughly: My suggestion: Gospel of Ramakrishna, Ramakrishna and His Divine Play, Holy Mother and Her Divine Play, Swamiji’s four yogas.
  8. Watch something funny or interesting from the internet. The other day I watched B.K.S Iyenger demonstrating hatha yoga in London in 1985. He is amazing.
  9. Ramakrishna said: Religion is not possible for an empty stomach. Please keep appropriate food at home and eat only what is needed for your level of activity. Follow basic hygiene (especially wash your hands with soap thoroughly and avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth).

When human efforts fail, we seek divine help. Let us pray to the Divine Mother: “O Devi, when satisfied, you destroy all illness.

No calamity befalls human beings who have taken refuge in you. Those who have received your grace, they become truly a refuge for others.” Chandi, 11:29

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I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".