The Power of Devotion to God

A way to freedom and fearlessness

In Bhakti, one can experience total freedom from fear and worry. A devotee transcends worldly sorrows and pains. A pure devotee has no selfish desires, including the desire for liberation. Bhakti in one’s heart is kindled by the grace of the Guru, by being in the company of other devotees and by reading and listening to the stories of other “bhaktas” or devotees.

“When the river meets the ocean, it recognizes it was the ocean from the beginning until the end. In the same way, the moment a devotee surrenders to the Divine; he or she becomes the Divine.”

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Lord Krishna in Bhakti Yoga, Bhagwad Gita

“Those who fix their mind on me and only I dwell in their thoughts; and who sing my glories with love and devotion; and who have complete faith in me are the best.”

“The living entity’s fear of death is due to his false ego of identifying with the body. Everyone is afraid of death. Actually there is no death for the spirit soul… When one is fully convinced that he is not his body, there is no question of fearing death, since the spirit soul does not die. If the spirit soul engages in the spiritual activities of devotional service, he is completely freed from the platform of birth and death. His next position is complete spiritual freedom from a material body.” says Srila Prabhupada

All the above great messages are indicating that humans suffers more due to fear of death in the mind. Henceforth, the best way to overcome this fear of insecurity and death in the mind is to be devoted to God with the heartful faith for protection then it turns into understanding the saying of sages and saints about the power of devotion. This is very much proved hypothesis in the lives of so many saints in India, but now it is our turn to make in to reality in our lives and live the rest of life with fearlessness and joy.

I offer my prayers to God to bless all of us in this times of difficulties.

Thank you.

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