Vedanta teachings to overcome fear

Right knowledge is the higher way to Triumph over Fear

Sri Krishna says in Gita:

ashochyaan anvashochastwam prajnaavaadaamshcha bhaashase
gataasoon agataasoomshcha naanushochanti panditaah // 2.11 //

Krishna says to Arjuna:
You grieve for those who are not to be grieved for; and yet you speak words of wisdom! The learned do not grieve for the departed and those who have not departed.

Know about Fear

The Sanskrit equivalent for fear is “Bhaya“. Fear is an emotion or Vritti in the mind that is produced when one’s life is in danger on account of external forces or things. Man reacts to the situation with a fear-emotion.

There are 3 levels of reality – physical (body level), mental (mind level) and spiritual (soul level).

Some fears are desirable and essential, i.e. when there is actual danger (such as a car heading towards you at high speed).

For most of our fears, there is a small trigger but an exaggerated response. In other words, our mind “over-imagines” and makes the situation worse.

Fear can cause us to become petrified or paralyzed, which is obviously very unhealthy.

Know the Truth & Overcome Fear (Vedanta Teachings)

Ignorance is the cause of fear. He forgot his original, divine nature and was thus caught up in the whirlpool of ignorance. The infinite fearless Brahman became the finite Jiva with fear. Identification of the body or Dehadhyasa is the cause of fear.

Lord Krishna says in His Gita: “Vitaragabhayakrodhah sthitadheer muniruchyate“. “He who is free from attachment, fear and anger, is called a sage of stable mind.” Abandon attachment through practice of non-attachment or Vairagya and attachment to the lotus feet of the Lord or fearless Brahman. All fears will vanish.

Vedanta further says:

You are attached to a fountain-pen, walking stick, book, watch, towel, cloth. Fear slowly creeps in. There is fear of losing them. Always entertain the thought “All objects are illusory, perishable and pain-giving.” You will have no attachment. Even if there is attachment, it will be mild. You can drive it away with slight thinking and discrimination.

Give up attachment to this body by identifying yourself with the bodiless, sexless, pure, all-pervading immortal Atman or Brahman. All sorts of fears and attachments will totally disappear. Assert, feel, recognize.

As you think, so you become. As you think, so you develop. As is your ideal, so gradually your life will become. This is so, because there is a great transforming power in thought.

Take, then, the life of perfect men like Bhishma and think of their deeds and their life and ideals. Your life will be filled by purity, courage, etc. You will become a noble, perfect man. The thought will transform you into its own likeness. Man becomes like what he worships. Man becomes like what he thinks. This is indeed true.

A man of courage does not tremble in the hour of danger. He is not embarrassed and bewildered. He does not sink down. He is not overwhelmed by despair.. He smiles away all dangers and difficulties, blows the trumpet of triumph and attains victory in the end.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar Reddy Juturi

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