Stumbling block for materialism in understanding consciousness

Recently, there is remarkable observation is taking place in the philosophy of mind including behaviorism and psychologism which is the approach used in materialism for understanding the consciousness is itself became a stumbling block.

This is because science is about objectivity that’s work fine absolutely when studying objects but when we are studying the subject itself by the same approach then it will miss by a wide mark. Due to this reason in spite of desperate attempts made by most scientists come out with no understanding about what is consciousness and its nature.

Then what is solution of hard problem of consciousness according to David Chalmers, he says that though it is hard to accept we have to consider consciousness is one of the fundamental reality of this universe. It means no need to reduce consciousness to brain or matter because it is fundamentally irreducible in principle so it is also as fundamental as like matter, time, space and energy in the universe. That implies consciousness is ubiquitous in the universe by itself and it interacts with the physical world through the nervous system and brain.

Thank You, Ravi Kumar Reddy Juturi

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