Vedanta philosophy of Meditation

The meditation has become very popular majorly due to enormous health benefits which includes mental disorders related to stress and some life style disorders.

The Vedanta approach to the Mediation is unique which involves enquiry based analysis and intellectual understanding. Vedanta suggests to individuals to closely look into his/her routine experiences and then ask most fundamental questions to own self such as; is it that the ‘witness consciousness’ is there only when the mind is calm? Or is it there when the mind is active also? This investigation has be pursued in the Vedantic Mediation.

Vedanta says that witness consciousness is there all the time. It means, when the mind is thinking, listening and all other times, the essence of individual being is the ‘witness consciousness’ which is evident in a calm and serene mind. Yoga philosophy objection to the Vedantic approach is; how one can recognize ‘witness consciousness’ while the mind is engaged with activities because during activities the ‘pure consciousness’ is mixed up with mind. Vedanta response to this objection as follows; it is like asking when an ocean is calm and serene without waves then only water can be seen and other times only waves are present. In fact at all the time water is only present in the ocean and it is not required to cease the waves for seeing the water. Because usually our attention is drawn to the waves it seems that wave is the reality but actually the reality of the wave is the water. Similarly ‘witness consciousness’ is present continuously in all the experiences of human throughout life. It doesn’t required to stop the mind to realize the true nature of oneself as the ‘witness consciousness’. Vedanta further says that, even the functioning of the mind can be used to recognize the ‘witness consciousness’ in oneself. This is the insight from Vedanta.

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