What is Hard problem of consciousness

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In consciousness studies today, what is the central and essential question is something called hard problem of consciousness. David Chalmers who is an Australian philosopher & cognitive scientist coined this term the hard problem of consciousness. What is this hard problem is, so far what is accomplished in brain science is the science of correlation and with this they are trying to understand neuronal activity reports in brain and matching with that of related activities like listening a speech or tasting coffee etc. But here there is a huge problem which is pointed first time by David Chalmers is “how can a physical system as physical as inert substance the brain and nervous system can generate first person experience or qualia”.

Any sentient being in his routine activities like listening, seeing, tasting, remembering, thinking, loving and including all the conscious activities of life are generating a first person experiences internally rather he doesn’t experience anything about neurons firing in the brain during any of these acts. How can a physical system generate this first person experiences is the central question in today’s consciousness studies. The distinct point here is that this kind of internal experience is not possible with any physical constructs in the nature except sentient beings.

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