The Power of Faith on God

Unshakable faith is what needed at all the time

Indian ancient Puranas are the gems, they show the way to humanity how can we protect from the God. This is quite easy way to say that ‘keep faith on the God’ but it has got a deeper meaning. The difference of saying and being is really huge. Lets try to understand this through a small demonstration from Indian Puranas.


Markandeya was a great devotee of Lord Siva. His father Mrikandu performed rigorous austerities to get a son. Lord Siva appeared before him and said: “O Rishi, do you want a good son who will die in his sixteenth year or a bad and foolish son who will live for a long time?” Mrikandu replied: “O my venerable Lord, let me have a good son”.

The boy came to know about his fate and began to worship Lord Siva whole-heartedly with intense faith and devotion. The boy entered into deep meditation and Samadhi on the day decreed as the day of his death. The messengers of Lord Yama were not able to approach him. Hence, Yama himself went to take away his life. The boy prayed to Lord Siva for protection and embraced the Linga. Then Yama threw his noose round the Linga and the boy. Lord Siva came out of the Linga immediately and killed Yama to protect the boy. Lord Siva was called Mrityunjaya and Kala-kala from that day.

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This beautiful story illustrate that how one can overcome even death by deep faith and devotion on God. This is the message delivered by this Purana.

Now, we need to relate these beautiful stories and their messages to our lives and question our selves, how many times for even small unwishful incidents we lost the faith on the God and again we come back to God and say our refuge to him. All the material things wealth & health is actually nothing compare to the Faith & Devotion on God. This is not a saying but proved by so many Saints since time immemorial in all religions and they got God for that act not less than that.

So dear friends, lets not shake and lost faith for worldly things, on all merciful, compassionate God, who loves us unconditionally at all the time and always waiting for our Call from the deepest of our hearts.

Never forget that God never intend to suffer humanity as his nature is ‘Pure Love’.

Thank You, Ravi Kumar

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  1. MAHADEV, INFORMATIVE POST YA I FROM CITY OF SHIVA VARANASI ,And I like to write on subjects related to Shiva. The temple of Markandeya Mahadev is in Varanasi itself. And this temple is also mentioned in Mahabharata.

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