Role of ‘Viveka’ & Vairagya’ in Karma Yoga

Wisdom from Gita
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Karmayoga is not a time-bound external procedure. It is the application of a wisdom, an insight, for transforming the purpose and attitude of the practitioner while doing anything. The Karma Yoga helps oneself to cultivate a new outlook and orientation in the mind and intelligence while doing whatever actions.

There is no question of beginning and completing karmayoga, as if it were a course of procedures and practices limited by time, place and external activities? Karma yoga is an all-time attunement of mind and intelligence. The Yogabuddhi, the insight and its application, will itself bring about the benefits immediately.

In this Karmayoga practice, Sri Krishna, says in Gita (verse 2.41):

व्यवसायात्मिका बुद्धिरेकेह कुरुनन्दन ।बहुशाखा ह्यनन्ताश्च बुद्धयोऽव्यवसायिनाम् ।। (Gita 2.41)

The Karma Yoga practitioner ‘mind’ (buddhi) must remain firm, resolute and exclusive in its assessment and finding. The intelligence begins to think and evaluate matters relating to life in this world and the next, and finally becomes very clear as to what ultimate value all these have.

By the instructions of Krishna, it is clearly understood that the yogabuddhi will be attained not by the strength of any rituals, but by the sincere application of a reflective and evaluative mind alone.

Thus, the dawn of viveka (Power of Discrimination) and vairagya (Detachment) will alone help one to take up karmayoga.

Thank you all, Ravi Kumar.

Reference: Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha, Gita Articles for Sadhana.

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