Swami Tapovan Amazing book ‘Kailas Yatra’

Has a power to Elevate a Spiritual Seeker to a Divine State

Kailas Yatra: Swami Tapovanam/Tr.Swamini Niranjanananda: 9788175970175:  Amazon.com: Books

India is a rich land for Saints & Sages. Spiritual heritage is rich in this land and available abundantly across the nation. Swami Tapovan is a great Sage who lived most of his life at Himalayan peaks Uttara Kashi and Hrusikesh etc. He is great scholar of Vedanta and wrote number of books on Advaita doctrines. Swami is great Devotee of Gana Matha and his written a very popular and devotional hymn on holy Ganga river (Ganga Stotram). In fact, he never seen Ganga as just a river but believed and lived as Ganga is a holy mother who can transmit the grace and purity to all the Devotees.

Swami Tapovan wrote a book on Himalayas, where he presented all his experiences with so much intensity. It’s really a great book for those who desire to experience the power of holy himalayan land.

Today, I was reading few pages from this book, I felt like I am really roaming in the holy place of Ganga, Hrusikesh. Swami says in the book, it is important to have spiritual attitude to read such books, otherwise author experiences can never be grasped. This is absolutely true, all the great saints & Sages when they can able to transmit the higher states of spiritual experiences through the holy books, it is necessary for seeker to have that attitude if not all this is just an information nothing more than that.

In day to day life, though some Sadhana is carried out by the seekers, it is never adequate to elevate our minds in to higher planes of God Consciousness. So, if one really desire experience of God then, one must visit the holy places in some point of time in life, the Swami spoke about such holy places in the book so eloquently with his experiences and lives of many great Himalayan Saints.

Why it is said that the great people never dies; I understood reality of this, when ever I come across such great books, they speak through the books and can transmit the power & knowledge, which can really give higher spiritual moods and upliftment for us.

I submit my prostrations at the feet of Swami Tapovan.

Thank you & Namaste, Ravi Kumar

Published by Ravi 'Rise to Serve'

I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".