Deep listening of Lord stories

A Great process of Purification or Sadhana

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We all know that King Parikshit listened Bhagavatam from Shuka Deva for about 7 days and attained liberation. This is very well noted anecdote referred by many great masters and scriptures.

Dear friends my observations on these lines are as follows;

When I was listening about great stories of Lord like Ramayana, Mahabharata or Bhagavatam about 4-5 years back, it was different experience but the same thing I am doing these days has totally different experience. This experience is indescribable with the words.

This difference in experiencing, came to me by 2 reasons with my understanding;

Firstly, doing Sravana (listening) about God with not much idea about actual nature of God has got lesser power on our heart. This particular statement is a big investigating point for many explorations. But, I would say one direct underlying reason here; deep absorption in the story while listening is not possible at this stage for a listener. But, this is one reason, I said, there are many reasons can derive from here.

Second reason is, not knowing that listening to Lord stories itself is a way to liberation. Yes, this is the reason why, I noticed many people listen them for time pass or to gain some Punya (merit). Here is the secret of making the Sravana (listening) in to a highest Sadhana (Spiritual practice). Think about this, how Parikshit listened to Shuka Deva and now we can relate to this particular promise.

Parikshit listened to Master with reverential Shradda (Faith) that he will certainly get liberated if he attentively listen to the Lord stories from this great Master. He did not distracted not even a moment for entire Bhagavatam, hence he got liberation (Mukti).

So, dear friends, this is what, I observed personally when we listen Lord stories with full absorption from great masters with utmost reverence, then we can experience the indescribable Bliss at the moments which will intern help for purification of our minds & hearts at a greater extent and brings progress in spiritual path. A great insight indeed.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

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I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".

3 thoughts on “Deep listening of Lord stories

  1. Agree with everything you written, but please don’t use the words like “STORIES”.
    If We being hindu call them stories, why should we expect from other to believe in it.

  2. Experience is nothing but shastra.shastra declares proven facts experienced by the Rishis in the Vedas.What all has been reflected in your spiritual articles are sign boards for the seekers, when they come to such level,the readers will exclaim with momentary spark of bliss.when seeker get established in the state of higher plane of consciousness,he will revel in the supreme divinity or totality. May God bless you,proceed.Hari Om pranams

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