Role of ‘Maya’ & ‘God’ in life

An experiential insight

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The essence of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita or other great Vedanta Scriptures are pointing to one single ‘Truth’ which is known as ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ or ‘Brahman’.

Ultimate teaching of Shankaracharya is famously known as;

“Brahma Satyam, Jagath Mithya, Jiva Brahmiva naapara”

When I contemplate these teachings in mind, in course of time, I started understanding the implications of them in life. Now, I would like to share one such insight which occurred to me recently through Vedantic contemplations.

In my understanding Vedanta teaches again & again the same things which is; the world which we see is unreal and unseen pure consciousness (through senses) is only real and ‘I’ am none other than the ‘reality’.

But, sometimes a question comes to me that if ‘I’ am the reality how am ‘I’ missing all the time and feeling the unreal world as real. This contemplation sometimes take me to ‘Silence’ but there something profound peace is experienced then it is as usual mind attacks and disturb and bring me into normal plane. Here, my insight is not about that experience at higher planes of Consciousness but it is, some other dimension of the ‘Truth’

Role of ‘Maya

The moment, when mind becomes desire less , introspective due to one or other reasons & then the nature of the outer world suddenly become questionable and internal experience also drastically changes. This is the point the role of ‘Maya’ starts. What it does? It immediately agitate the mind with the desires of the worldly objects, brings excitement, hope, pleasures, thoughts etc.

Have you noticed, whenever mind becomes naturally still, then whole experience also changes then if we leave for a while in that state, may be we can grasp the ‘Truth’. But here is the ‘Maya’ never under estimate its power, which can stop you at doorstep. Yes, it says in several scriptures that the role of ‘Maya’ is to sustain the world. So, I realized that how beautifully & perfectly executing its duty at every induvial level. Yes, otherwise each ‘soul’ can awaken at any moment and if this goes on, this world sustenance can be questionable. Look deeply in to this perspective, then we can also understand Scriptural sayings; why Sages says that; ‘Truth’ reveals only to chosen ones, it is not that, an individual or Jiva will awaken to the ‘Truth’, in fact it is opposite.

Role of ‘God’

If this is the case, then what is the role f ‘God’ in awakening? Yes, understood there is huge role that ‘God’ is plays in Spiritual life. When, deep desire for ‘God realization’ begins in the heart of a seeker, then from that moment onwards the ‘God’ role begins in his life towards awakening to the ‘Truth’.

God takes the role of ‘Protector’ from the ‘Maya’ in our life. Yes, as we knew from the Scriptures that ‘Maya’ is under the control of ‘Eswara’ (God), it is quite possible that if he (God) wish to protect any individual from the effects of ‘Maya’ then it is an easy job for him. Hence, this is the great blessing to the devotee (seeker of the truth) to get in to this position where he will continue to live in presence of Divine Grace. I would say, every seeker should come to this point if one wants to realize the ‘Truth’. So, this means to please the Lord is the greatest way for realization otherwise it simply unreachable destiny.

Friends, therefore, Bhakti Yoga or Path of devotion is the supreme path to realization. As Sri Krishna says in Gita;

“It is impossible to overcome my Great power of Maya, but surrender unto me and I will make you to cross over it”

This is the great assurance we get from the ‘God’ directly, then what else we want except surrendering our will & actions to the feet of Lord.

In conclusion, I would say, there is nothing to curse the ‘Maya’ for its role in our life, because it is the duty given by the ‘Lord’. In fact , ‘Maya’ is nothing but ‘Power of God’. If, we properly understood, rules are clearly set by the Supreme Brahman or Paramatman of the Universe that before creation (Scriptural reference also supporting this); Maya will lead & sustain the world & ‘God’ will protect the devotees from the effects of ‘Maya’. Therefore it is our turn whether we want to be protected by the ‘God’ and move on in life towards awakening or to be influenced by the power of ‘Maya’. Yes, absolutely it is in our hands because both depends on ‘Sankalpa‘ (deep desire) that what is our wanting in life whether ‘world of objects’ or ‘God’ decides our position.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar.

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I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".