Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God

Vipasana: Sages from the Hindu Scriptures: Kapila
Kapila Muni

A great Jnani of Indian order, Kapila Muni, who is founder of Samkya Philosophy, says very interesting things about devotion; the following is the conversation took place between Kapila Muni & his mother;

When Kapila father departed to forest after his retirement from duties, Kapila Muni lived with his mother at Lake Bindu. One day Devahuti (Mother of Kapila Muni) asked him: ‘My son, my senses have completely bewildered me. Please dispel my attachment and delusion. You are the Lord himself, born in this world to destroy delusion.’

Kapila replied: ‘O Mother, the mind alone is the source of both bondage and liberation. The mind is attached to the three gunas: sattva, rajas, and tamas—the principles of light and balance, activity and attachment, and darkness and delusion. This attachment to the three gunas binds us. But if we can give up all sense of the ego—that is, of “I” and “mine”—then the mind will attain purity and can be fixed on the Supreme Spirit. Devotion to the Lord is the easiest way to do this’.

Kapilamuni further says; ‘When a person focuses all his sense-organs on the Lord through love, his impurities become burned up, just as fire burns up things that are put in it. This is true bhakti, or devotion. And though such devotees do not care for mukti (liberation), their devotion for the Lord leads them easily to that state which is beyond birth and death. Devotion alone takes one to the highest.’

As we all know Kapila Muni is the Great Jnani, but his teachings about attaining the highest are very interesting. May be we can understand the significance of God’s role in our Spiritual Journey from his teachings. One can also grasp the essence of his teachings is the Surrendering the results of all actions at the feet of Lord.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

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