Major difference among Scientists & Ancient Rishis

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Since time immemorial, many scientists from various backgrounds are in the pursuit of finding the fundamental reality of the creation. Although scientists are not reached anyway close to the reality but they understood so many things about the Universe and its expansion with the support of physics & mathematics.

Back in the history, thousands of years from now, the same quest is also found in the ancient Rishis from India about origin of creation, fundamental reality of creation & sustenance of the this un imaginable vast Universe etc.

In both cases, there is similarity in the pursuit of objective that is about knowing the fundamental reality of the creation. But there is huge difference in the approach, methodology of the investigation.

Science cannot work without hypothesis (theoretical assumptions), models, predictions, some data & old knowledge etc. This is the limitation of the Science. If we carefully notice the discoveries of science & understandings of the scientists from time to time changes as it advances and refines. This clearly indicating that, we cannot rely upon the findings & understandings of the science especially about creation & fundamental reality of the Universe, because their understanding is changing from time to time.

The other side, ancient Rishis approached to find the ‘Truth’ is a unique way and it is not dependent on any data, information, assumptions, imaginations, theory or models etc. Therefore, this approach made a clear distinction from the science in finding the fundamental reality. What about the results? what is their understandings of the creation?

Rishis are also called ‘Drastas‘ which means ‘Seers’ of the ‘Truth’. This means, they have “Seen” the ‘Truth’, but this seeing does not means seeing with the physical eyes. Rishis are experienced the ‘Truth; by becoming one with the ‘Truth’ in the deep meditation. This is why, the knowledge system in the Vedic tradition is known as ‘Darshan’, which means ‘Vision’ ‘Seeing’. After the Rishis come out of the meditative state, they recorded about their ‘Darshnan‘ of the ‘Truth’. They are called ‘Scriptures’, most important scriptures in the Vedic heritage are ‘Upanishads’ or ‘Vedanta’

Why these Scriptures are more reliable than Science? If we see carefully the difference in the approaches to find the reality, we can grasp easily which is more authentic way, one which is based on predetermined assumptions & models or another which is directly seen or experienced one? In order to verify these things, we can see the history on both sides. For the past hundred years are so, how many times science has changed its way of understanding about the fundamental reality? how many times science has declared that we have found this with full certainty? how many times science has changed the perception or point of view about the ‘Truth’? Answer to these questions is well known to all of us that, almost every time science is unreliable with their findings.

On other side, Ancient Rishis are recorded each & every detail about the creation, what is there before creation & sustenance of the creation & most fundamental reality of the creation which is the cause of all creation & destruction etc. Surprisingly, these details provided in most ancient (some thousands of years back) scriptures like Upanishads are valid today and can be validated by any one. The Rishis have mentioned about the ‘Truth’ in thousands of years back but till today there is no change is proposed by any other Saints or Sages. This shows, how reliable these findings compare to Science.

Therefore, dear friends, this is not about criticizing or embracing any one particular system. But, this is the way of analyzing & understanding and accepting the facts of each system and their limitations. This understanding is very essential for coming generations, without these understandings, immense amount of energy, wealth & time go waste in wrong approaches in the pursuit of higher truths.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar

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