Prahlada teachings on Devotion to Lord

Prahlada is a great devotee of Sri Hari, and his life is great inspiration for spiritual seekers. Prahlada taught most beautiful practices of Devotion to Lord, which he always lived by in his life. For this reason, Prahlada later famously known as Bhakta Prahlada. Lets see some important teachings of Prahlada on Love of God

Prahlada taught to his friends at Gurukula in his child days about Devotion. He said: “Let me tell you about the path of devotion. To grow in devotion, we must revere our guru and serve him, and we must keep holy company, the company of other devotees of God. We must dedicate all we possess to the Lord, and worship and pray to him. We should have faith in the scriptures, and sing the Lord’s name and praises. We should meditate on his lotus feet, and behold and worship his sacred image. Keeping in mind that he dwells in all beings, we must love all, and we must serve him in others. Even though God is pleased by such disciplines as meditation, japa, and charity, he is most pleased when he sees ecstatic devotion for him. Everything else bereft of pure devotion is fruitless. To proceed on any path without pure love for the Lord is futile. The ultimate goal of all human beings is to have ecstatic love for Sri Hari, and to see him within one’s own heart and in the hearts of all“.

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