Yudhishthira (Dharmaraja) great remarks on Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Virtues: Listen to these noble words of Yudhishthira on these two subjects.

Draupadi bitterly resented the insults heaped on her by the Kauravas and after they had gone to the forests, she urged on Yudhishthira to take action to avenge her and never to forgive the Kauravas. This brought forth from Yudhishthira an admirable discourse on forgiveness,

“If a man who has received abuses from another speaks to him in the same strain, if a man returns injury to injury, or a father kills his son or a son kills his father, how can there be any progress in this world where so much unrighteousness prevails? One should forgive every injury-no matter what kind – O Draupadi! That man is indeed a wise one who does not give way to anger, who shows forgiveness even when insulted, oppressed or abused by another. Forgiveness is Divine. Forgiveness is Truth. Forgiveness is potential ascetic merit. It is asceticism, penances and holy. Forgiveness is the foundation of the world. The man of wisdom should ever forgive-when he is capable of forgiving everything-for he attains Brahman.

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