Prostrations to all Great Vedic Masters

The declaration of the Scriptures, your own logical thinking, and Guru’s explanations are the main three sources of knowledge available for a spiritual seeker.
All these but give an intellectual appreciation of what Truth is.
It has to be confirmed in ones own direct and personal experience that “I am this Self.”
Then alone a healthy intelligent seeker’s skepticism will end.
For this direct experience, the seeker will need repeated encouragement from his Guru.
Hence the Guru’s importance to spiritual seekers.
The day dedicated to Guru Worship is the Guru Poornima day.
Let us all prostrate to Sri Veda Vyasa Maharshi, Sri Adi Sankaracharya and all other Great Masters & their lineages.
Their Grace is sure and unfailing”

Sri Gurubyonnamaha!!!

Thank You.

Published by Ravi 'Rise to Serve'

I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".