Company of Saints Support Spiritual Seekers in despair

Key pointers for Spiritual Seekers from teachings of Saints:

The attainment of God-realisation is a gradual process. Hence it must be understood by every aspirant that the path which takes him to the goal of spiritual perfection should be trodden upon with determination, steadiness and patience.

What is needed is a fixed resolve, a sustained faith and an optimistic outlook when walking on the path

There may come moments of vacillation, uncertainty and even of despair. Here the aspirant should have recourse to the society of saints. Through their inspiration and guidance a seeker should regain strength and assurance and march onward.

Saints are beacons. Saints show the path. They hearten you in our struggle. Their words should carry absolute weight with us. They can awaken and enthuse seeker.

But a seeker have to advance on the path by his own growing inner power and will. One should feel conscious that the Divine within is our sole refuge. It is by the constant thought and meditation of Him (God/Guru) that we rise from the lower to the higher planes of consciousness. When finally seeker is absorbed in Him, He manifests within seeker in all His beauty, power and glory.

Thank You, Om Tat Sat

Published by Ravi 'Rise to Serve'

I am an academician and a seeker of "Truth". I believe in the Philosophy of Swami Vivekananda "The purpose of human life is to realize the divinity within and manifest it in every moment of life".