A great Saint says “Spirituality that cannot be applied in actual life is no spirituality. God is in the world and is acting through every one of us. God-realization does not mean disappearing into some unknown realm beyond the world. True spirituality consists in our living in this world, moving in it and serving all beings at our capacity, all the time being conscious of the Divine within us and everywhere around us”

The Website included precise and basics of spiritual knowledge based on Indian Vedic Scriptures and voice of the Rishis on the following matters:

  1. Life stories and teachings of few great spiritual teachers of India
  2. Great Indian Epics and their underlying messages
  3. Ancient Indian wisdom of Vedas, Upanishads and Gita
  4. The true and authentic paths of spirituality based on life’s of great saints
  5. Harmony of Spiritual paths
  6. Vedanta Philosophy & related contents, articles & perspectives (Blog)

He who runs away from the samsara, spends time in the caves of the Himalayas to meditate and die, has missed the way. He who plunges headlong in to the vanities and foolishness of life in the samsara, lives, earns to make ends meet or flourish, also has missed the way. So, then what is the way? As Swami Vivekananda says it is, “Divinize the life itself ”