Aspiration & Devotion are the Best Purifiers of Mind

A saint says that attaining Samadhi is a matter of one minute but prerequisite is a purified mind and this may takes uncountable time. When we dwell on it, we understand how deep and important it is for us to forward in spiritual life. There is a spectrum of methodologies taught for purification of theContinue reading “Aspiration & Devotion are the Best Purifiers of Mind”

Company of Saints Support Spiritual Seekers in despair

Key pointers for Spiritual Seekers from teachings of Saints: The attainment of God-realisation is a gradual process. Hence it must be understood by every aspirant that the path which takes him to the goal of spiritual perfection should be trodden upon with determination, steadiness and patience. What is needed is a fixed resolve, a sustainedContinue reading “Company of Saints Support Spiritual Seekers in despair”

Swami Ramdas expression about Nature, Lord & Ultimate Truth

Identify yourself with the immortal Purusha — the witness — beyond the Gunas and Dwandwas — on one hand; surrender all your actions to the Divine Shakti — whose manifestation is the universe of name, form and movement — on the other. Lastly, realize that the inactive Purusha-the witness, and the active Shakti or Prakriti-theContinue reading “Swami Ramdas expression about Nature, Lord & Ultimate Truth”

Vedanta Philosophy about ‘Jagath’ (creation)

Since, time immemorial the one question is raised by the humanity again & again about the creation which is; What is the material by which this entire creation is made up of? or what’s the underlying substance of the entire world (Jagath)? The Advaita Vedanta answers this question in a deeper & profound way, letsContinue reading “Vedanta Philosophy about ‘Jagath’ (creation)”

Vedanta Path: 3 Problems & 3 Methods

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad recommends three stages of ‘Sadhana’ for Self Realization, which are ‘Shravana’ (hearing about the truth again and again), ‘Manana’ (reflection about the truth in mind), and ‘Nididhyasana’ (Meditation upon the truth). The process can be summarized as to remove ignorance and give clarity about ‘true nature’ of ‘Individual self’ (Jiva), Scriptures and GuruContinue reading “Vedanta Path: 3 Problems & 3 Methods”

Vidyaranyamuni ‘ten men story’ from Panchadasi Text

Article is Published, entitled: Vidyaranyamuni ‘ten men story’ from Panchadasi as an illustration for Advaitic ‘self-realization’ Abstract: The article dwells on a Mantra from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. This Mantra contains the essence of Vedanta. Vidyaranya Muni in Panchadasi Text writes the biggest chapter (seventh chapter) 290 Verses on this one Mantra. Four aspects are to be understood from this Mantra to understand the spiritualContinue reading “Vidyaranyamuni ‘ten men story’ from Panchadasi Text”

Prostrations to all Great Vedic Masters

“The declaration of the Scriptures, your own logical thinking, and Guru’s explanations are the main three sources of knowledge available for a spiritual seeker. All these but give an intellectual appreciation of what Truth is.It has to be confirmed in ones own direct and personal experience that “I am this Self.”Then alone a healthy intelligentContinue reading “Prostrations to all Great Vedic Masters”

Yudhishthira (Dharmaraja) great remarks on Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Virtues: Listen to these noble words of Yudhishthira on these two subjects. Draupadi bitterly resented the insults heaped on her by the Kauravas and after they had gone to the forests, she urged on Yudhishthira to take action to avenge her and never to forgive the Kauravas. This brought forth from Yudhishthira an admirableContinue reading “Yudhishthira (Dharmaraja) great remarks on Forgiveness”