Human ‘self’ & Supreme ‘Self’ are great friends

Teaching from Bhagavatam “The human self and the supreme Self are great friends. The supreme Self dwells beyond the reach of our physical eyes, so we cannot see him. But when someone is in dire trouble, he comes running to guide that person. The human self runs here and there in search of enjoyment. HeContinue reading “Human ‘self’ & Supreme ‘Self’ are great friends”

Prahlada teachings on Devotion to Lord

Prahlada is a great devotee of Sri Hari, and his life is great inspiration for spiritual seekers. Prahlada taught most beautiful practices of Devotion to Lord, which he always lived by in his life. For this reason, Prahlada later famously known as Bhakta Prahlada. Lets see some important teachings of Prahlada on Love of GodContinue reading “Prahlada teachings on Devotion to Lord”

Major difference among Scientists & Ancient Rishis

Since time immemorial, many scientists from various backgrounds are in the pursuit of finding the fundamental reality of the creation. Although scientists are not reached anyway close to the reality but they understood so many things about the Universe and its expansion with the support of physics & mathematics. Back in the history, thousands ofContinue reading “Major difference among Scientists & Ancient Rishis”

Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God

A great Jnani of Indian order, Kapila Muni, who is founder of Samkya Philosophy, says very interesting things about devotion; the following is the conversation took place between Kapila Muni & his mother; When Kapila father departed to forest after his retirement from duties, Kapila Muni lived with his mother at Lake Bindu. One dayContinue reading “Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God”

The Greatness of Nondual Meditation

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita that, the path of the Bhakti (Love of God) is the supreme way to attain the highest. Yes, this path is certainly supreme path for all beings, but there are some driving forces are essential in this path, which are prescribed by all traditional Masters & Vedic ScripturesContinue reading “The Greatness of Nondual Meditation”

Role of ‘Maya’ & ‘God’ in life

An experiential insight The essence of Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita or other great Vedanta Scriptures are pointing to one single ‘Truth’ which is known as ‘Sat Chit Ananda’ or ‘Brahman’. Ultimate teaching of Shankaracharya is famously known as; “Brahma Satyam, Jagath Mithya, Jiva Brahmiva naapara” When I contemplate these teachings in mind, in course of time,Continue reading “Role of ‘Maya’ & ‘God’ in life”

I Am ‘That’ I Am

Sang by Swami Sivananda Saraswati I Am That I Am, Timeless and space less is this goalPainless and sorrow less is this seatBlissful and peaceful is this AbodeChangeless and boundless is this DhamaI know that “I am He”I have neither body, mind nor sensesI have neither change, nor growth nor deathI am the Immortal, All-pervadingContinue reading “I Am ‘That’ I Am”

Deep listening of Lord stories

A Great process of Purification or Sadhana We all know that King Parikshit listened Bhagavatam from Shuka Deva for about 7 days and attained liberation. This is very well noted anecdote referred by many great masters and scriptures. Dear friends my observations on these lines are as follows; When I was listening about great storiesContinue reading “Deep listening of Lord stories”

Swami Tapovan Amazing book ‘Kailas Yatra’

Has a power to Elevate a Spiritual Seeker to a Divine State India is a rich land for Saints & Sages. Spiritual heritage is rich in this land and available abundantly across the nation. Swami Tapovan is a great Sage who lived most of his life at Himalayan peaks Uttara Kashi and Hrusikesh etc. HeContinue reading “Swami Tapovan Amazing book ‘Kailas Yatra’”

Role of a ‘Guru’ in Indian Traditional Knowledge System

From the Vedic Culture Perspective All the sages, saints, prophets, world teachers, incarnations, great men have had their own Gurus, however great they might have been. Lord Krishna sat at the feet of His Guru Sandipani. Lord Rama had Guru Vasishtha who gave Him Upadesa. Lord Jesus sought John to be baptized by him onContinue reading “Role of a ‘Guru’ in Indian Traditional Knowledge System”