SANATANA DHARMA means the Eternal Religion, the Ancient Law, and it is based on the Vedas, sacred books given to men many long ages ago. This Religion has also been called the Aryan Religion, because it is the Religion that was given to the first nation of the Aryan race; Arya means noble, and the name was given to a great race, much finer in character and appearance than the races which went before it in the world’s history. The first families of these people settled in the northern part of the land now called India, and that part in which they first settled was named AA Aryavarta, because these Aryans lived in it. “(The land) from the eastern ocean to the western ocean, between the two mountains (Himavan and Vindhya), the wise call Aryavarta.”

In the Fifth Chapter of Vaishesika Sutra, Acharya Kanada speaks of Laws of motion and Gravity. Why do objects move? Why do They Fall? What is Inertia? What is Impulse to Motion? And so on. Surrogacy was known and practiced from ancient times in India. The Theory of Evolution simulates in Vishnu Purana dates back 2000 BCE, is this Coincidence? and many more evidences are revealed in this book.