Reminder to ‘True Happiness’


Having understood, “The true aim and purpose of human life is Self (God)-Realization, the Realization of the Absolute Life, Absolute Consciousness, Absolute Bliss, Absolute Love” the Website is designed with specific purpose.

There are many genuine & sincere spiritual aspirants still in the clutches of certain Sadhanas, depending on externals and embracing them with dogged pertinacity, thus setting up a stumbling block in their progress towards the supreme goal of perfect liberation.

Saints says, The external vision, however glorious, is not the true vision, if it is not based upon the internal.

A Great living Sage says about Sadhana as follows:

“Awakening to our real nature does not mean we are to acquire something new, but rather that we must discover within ourselves that which is timelessly pure and in harmony with God. Therefore, there is no need to renounce one’s family, worldly duties, ambitions, religion or any other human expression”

Having understood this, the purpose of this site can be put in few lines;

  • Indicate the, Purity and simplicity of Spiritual paths followed by great saints of India to God realization
  • To favour the Seekers of Truth by giving clarity of vision and light of awareness on Indian Vedic wisdom such as Upanishads and Gita
  • Inspire and reflect the Spiritual Aspirants through the biographies of great saints and sages which intensify aspiration to follow the path and practice sadhana
  • Bringing Indian Great Epics in to the context for understanding their message and leading pious and blessed life

Spirituality is neither the privilege of the poor nor the luxury of the rich. It is the choice of the wise man

Swami Chinmayananda