Flawless creation

The intrinsic and real nature of all beings is their soul, which is goodness. The world, too, is God’s flawless creation. All is in perfect balance. There are changes, and they may appear evil, but there is no intrinsic evil. Aum. Sage Explains: The soul radiates love, is a child of God going through itsContinue reading “Flawless creation”

Vedanta Path: 3 Problems & 3 Methods

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad recommends three stages of ‘Sadhana’ for Self Realization, which are ‘Shravana’ (hearing about the truth again and again), ‘Manana’ (reflection about the truth in mind), and ‘Nididhyasana’ (Meditation upon the truth). The process can be summarized as to remove ignorance and give clarity about ‘true nature’ of ‘Individual self’ (Jiva), Scriptures and GuruContinue reading “Vedanta Path: 3 Problems & 3 Methods”

Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God

A great Jnani of Indian order, Kapila Muni, who is founder of Samkya Philosophy, says very interesting things about devotion; the following is the conversation took place between Kapila Muni & his mother; When Kapila father departed to forest after his retirement from duties, Kapila Muni lived with his mother at Lake Bindu. One dayContinue reading “Kapila Muni view on Devotion to God”

The Greatness of Nondual Meditation

Sri Krishna says to Arjuna in Gita that, the path of the Bhakti (Love of God) is the supreme way to attain the highest. Yes, this path is certainly supreme path for all beings, but there are some driving forces are essential in this path, which are prescribed by all traditional Masters & Vedic ScripturesContinue reading “The Greatness of Nondual Meditation”

What is Hard problem of consciousness

In consciousness studies today, what is the central and essential question is something called hard problem of consciousness. David Chalmers who is an Australian philosopher & cognitive scientist coined this term the hard problem of consciousness. What is this hard problem is, so far what is accomplished in brain science is the science of correlationContinue reading “What is Hard problem of consciousness”

A Grand Synthesis by Indian Ancient Philosophy on Cosmos: Discerning Ancient Wisdom from Modern Science

Juturi Ravi Kumar Reddy *Associate Professor, Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India – 534202 Abstract In the most ancient Indian texts, in the Rigveda, one of the hymns famously known as ‘nasadiya suktham’ says when there was neither existence nor non-existence what existed? In profound depths what existed at the beginning fromContinue reading “A Grand Synthesis by Indian Ancient Philosophy on Cosmos: Discerning Ancient Wisdom from Modern Science”

Aim of meditation and its accomplishment in Patanjali yoga and Vedanta

Juturi Ravi Kumar Reddy, Department of Regulatory Affairs, Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy, Andhra Pradesh, Bhimavaram Abstract This article comprehends the actual goal, philosophy and practice of meditation prescribed in the ancient Yoga system of Patanjali and Vedanta. Meditation is very popular in present days, especially in the west becoming increasingly popular and rightly soContinue reading “Aim of meditation and its accomplishment in Patanjali yoga and Vedanta”